[REQUEST] Android Texture Format to Manifest

There would be an option to save supported texture compression formats to the manifest file of the apk file.

DXT uses lossy compression based on packing pixels into 4x4 blocks with paletted colors and interpolated colors. This results in an 8:1 DXT1 and 4:1 DXT5 constant compression file size. Since video memory and texture pool resources are fixed for a specific platform and hardware, a balance must be struck between texture resolution and resource usage.

Texture compression is handled and determined by the type of texture that is imported and used. With that said, I entered a feature request in regards to adding the option to Force a texture to use a specific texture compression, UE-32380.

Update: I have entered a feature request as UE-33645. There is a plugin that was release for free by our community for this exact feature. You might want to take a look!

If the request has passed triage and is integrated as a feature, it will be added to the release notes of an upcoming full engine release.

Let me know if you have further questions or need additional assistance.


Sorry, I should be more specific.

I mean the line in the manifest file that starts with


This line is needed to send to Google Play with a specific texture compression format.

For example, if I package for PVRTC only, I must specify this format in the manifest file. I have to put this line manually each time I package for a different format. This can be automated easily by the Engine side.