[Request]An option to increase the terrain resolution (size of the quads)

Hi there,

would it be possible to add an option to Unreal to increase the resolution of a selected component or a selection within the component? What I basically mean is dividing the size of the quads within an area to have more verts to work with.
It would be helpful esspecially for stuff like smaller rivers and other smaller details in the terrain.

I’m pretty sure you can do this, I don’t remember the exact steps but wherever you change things to do with your landscape (might be the manage tab), there should be a re-sample option somewhere.
But maybe it doesn’t go as low as you’d like I’m not sure.

Thanks Xerithas,

yes, in the Manager tab are options to change the component setting, but it didn’t affect the generel size of the quads, at least in all my tests last night. Also the general terrain resolution is fine in most cases, but there should be an option to “subdivide” some smaller areas where it is needed.

I didn’t ran into the problem for a long time. I created my island heightmap in Worldmachine when 4.1 was out and imported the heightmap in Unreal and everything seemed to be fine. But a month ago I worked on some smaller rivers and the trouble begun, the freedom of creating the exterior world is a bit limited by fighting and avoiding sharp jagged edges because of the quad resolution. I want to create a natural looking river course, but the low resulution is not very helpful, means a lot of effort in hiding jagged parts with rocks or trying to smooth them out as much as possible.

I like to illustrate the problem with a few screens:

a) it is also noticeable when working on the road system, but much easier to handle since this roads are not sunken in most cases


b) it started to make trouble during the first test for smaller rivers (avoiding to much jagged riversides.


c) and it is a bit of annoyance when building cliffs, since you can barely let merge the landscape with the meshes smoothly because of the quadsize (or triangle size)…I know that this issue is almost not to fix because of the steep angle, but the possibility to paint a single subdivision level where it is needed would be very helpful


You may need to consider using static meshes to get the level of detail you are looking for. Maybe not ideal for your workflow, but if you can’t find another workaround, at least you know there is a way… Cheers,


I feel you on this one.
Only things I can think of at the moment:

  • Moar static meshes.
  • Tessellation (There’s apparently some magic to getting it to play nicely with Terrain, CharlstonS has a landscape material pack which includes it).

Not too much help in the end I guess =

Thanks J.J. Franzen and Xerithas,

yes, those Materials at the Marketplace use displacement mapping to increase the tesselation…however I don’t want to use Displacement Mapping on the Environment at this point since the game is open world (not huge, the island is size of Vvardenfell (in case if you played TES3:Morrowind)) and the engine will have to deal with more important things like large forests and stuff like that first.

For the cliff translation I’ll sculpt 2 or 3 meshes that will take care of this, but it WOULD be awesome to have the ability to paint a higher terrain tesselation in the engine itself, since we will run into this issue many times during development I guess…otherwise UE4 is awesome and I never regret the switch to Unreal, however terrain resolution is the only con (at least for our game).

Another option would be taking the gamble of scaling your terrain, but the performance drawbacks are still there.
But yeah it could be a nice thing to have.