[REQUEST] Allow choosing nickname or real name in forums

When I originally joined in the early days of UE4, I signed up using my real name. When you started releasing games that also use the Unreal account (Fortnite, Paragon, UT), it felt weird using my real name when nobody else was. I changed my Epic account name to a nickname, but now it has changed my name in the forums and on Answerhub, etc. with no note or reference to what my name used to be. Because of the account rules, I can’t change my nickname again for six months.

I would imagine I’m not the only one that would prefer using my real name for **game dev **related stuff, but a nickname for actually playing games, so if there’s some way you could support that division, it would be really appreciated.


I would also really like to see this for the same reasons.

Michael Noland

Ditto. I’ve gotten the question when playing Paragon a couple of times, “how come you’re using your real name?” :slight_smile:

I’ll talk to the accounts, online and the other teams I can. Your name is tied into a lot of systems, so I’ll see what it will take to do it.

Also, Nick and Mike, y’all could have just asked me :stuck_out_tongue:

This makes a lot of sense for all you people with two identities :stuck_out_tongue: