[Request] Adding components to actors without adding Blueprint

Instead of having to go through the Blueprint editor and find the Components tab, I’d want it to be possible to add Components to actors from just selecting an actor in the editor.

This could be a context button with “Add Component,” or it could be a mock Component in the editor that then gets added properly once you select what it should be.

The reason for this is that it would simply make the process of adding Components more intuitive.

Id just like to comment here that if you add components to a single actor those changes wouldnt be at its parent level only at instance level since thats what youre seeing in the viewport.

I guess what can happen (which kinda already is) is people are confusing blueprints for actors in the world, they arnt interchangeable, blueprints can be spawned in the world and by editing the master blueprint all changes propagate through all instances, that doesnt happen at the base actor instance level.

Hey Martin,

I put this request in for our team to consider. Thank you.

Best Regards,


Your request makes sense logically but in terms of actual programming with the engine it is not that easy of a thing to do.

You cant just magically add components to an existing actor without changing its base class, the c++ code, and blueprints make this process very easy.

Trust me compared to adding components directly in c++, you will find that adding components via blueprints is actually a fabulous streamlining and amazing feature of UE4.