[Request] Add "Select Blueprints implementing this Interface"

This suggestion came up to my mind when I was studying one of the Samples and wanted to see which Blueprint were implementing a specific Blueprint Interface.

The right-mouse button click on an asset already gives the option for Selecting Actors Using This Asset.
Would it be useful to add a “Select Blueprints implementing this Blueprint” item?


Sounds like some sort of interface tree could be useful since multiple objects can implement the same interface and a single object can implement multiple interfaces. Apparently things are set to change in regards to blueprint interfaces anyway so we’ll have to see how things go.

Hi Hugo,

Go to Edit > Editor Setting > Preferences and search for Reference Viewer located under Epic Labs, and enable it.

Then, right-click on the asset in the Content Browser and choose Reference Viewer from the list.

Let me know if this fulfills your need.


wow this is even better than I wished for. Very well executed, love the graph!
Thanks you.