[Request] Add Pin option for Macros

There is a post with same request but it closed and i want to see this feature too.

This is the answer sent by a staff

Hi Satheesh,

Thank you for your feedback. I have a few questions to clarify how this would work. When you click an Add Pin on your macro, how would the type of pin be specified? How would it know where to connect the pin within the macro? What additional functionality would this give you over going into the macro and adding a new input in the details manually?



i want answer Alexander’s question:
we need one more checkbox like “Pass-by-reference”. Like “Duplicateable”(Look at picture).


If we mark this checkbox there is another option needed like “Max duplicate number” in integer of course. lets say we wrote max 5 duplicates. and in input node there is 5 input showed. like “input-1”,“input-2”… If we say max 5 but user duplicated just 2 then other inputs should be “not valid” or “null”. because of we must check it in macro (if is valid or not)

also it adds more functionality to reusing macros again and again

Thanks for reading. Im fully open to criticism. i want to hear your thoughts too :slight_smile:

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because they got rid of ‘pass by
reference’ in 4.26

They did what?!

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I’m still on 4.25.

To clarify: was pass by-ref an option at any point in time? I was under the impression that pass by-ref was for actors / components / object only in macros. Since it’s the default behaviour for their types anyway.

For a sec I thought you were suggesting that it should be present.

I think you might be running an engine version lower than 4.26, because they got rid of ‘pass by reference’ in 4.26.

Are you wanting a max duplicates box?

You can just write the macro, or function to deal with this. In fact:




Take a look… in fact, it makes sense, because it’s a macro, not a function…

maybe you might bugged. you can reinstall engine. because of i can see and use pass-by-ref

I think pass-by-ref worked in 4.25, because I was about to suggest it to someone, and discovered it had gone!

If you make a macro library, I think you still can use it, no?

I actually no longer know what I was thinking. Pass by-ref is not present on macros in 4.25; neither it is available in a macro library. That much I can see with a tangible degree of certainty.

tbh, I can swear I used pass by-ref in a macro recently (months ago) but now I doubt myself and question reality.

So yeah. Apologies for the confusion.

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i mean in this node you can add unlimited pins. because of its written in c++ and it doesnt matter how much you added. its know what exactly do with extra pins. but if you get this feature in macros: how engine know where to connect this extra nodes(like staffs said)? But if you get “max duplicate” in variable setting. you can limit this add pin. and array doesnt solve all problems. like this one


i just need min, max and color. but i need duplicate them. Thats okey but what if i want use 2 of them and 6 of them in different places on code? i must use this bools for every of them. and it takes too much space on eventh graph even if i dont use more than one. like this


so you can see why we need this feature

Use an array of struct for something like this and pass the whole thing. This should be 1 pin.

You’re using a collapsed graph, not a macro…

Use an array of struct for something like this and pass the whole thing. This should be 1 pin.

  • struct:

  • define struct array:

  • you can even make them on the fly with +:

yea i know that. i can split this 3 value that i need. but it doesnt solve bool problem. i need a bool for every of them except first. for check how much i need to use

yea. right. thats my fault but you can still use it in functions

just im waiting for any staff come and say what they are thinkig about this idea :d

Try here:

We know, we know. We were addressing macros & libraries specifically. :slight_smile:

Loop through the array, ignoring index 0. Maybe?