[REQUEST] Ability to select Blueprint Connections + Context Menu.

  1. Ability to select single blueprint connection with highlighting.
  2. Highlight all connections of node, when node is selected.
  3. Context menu for connections, for example: Break Link.

PS: i know i can highlight connections for outputs when hover mouse cursor on them and wait a little, but thats not the same, because i cant observe where those connections going, because they do not highlight when i move mouse. So i need permanent highlighting when selected. Plus, i dont need actually other connections to become Darken, when i select + highlight, i just need selected connection become Brighter or with Border or smth, while other connections stay normal.

All great suggestions, and things we want to add! The only reason they’re not in currently is because the splines that we use for the connections don’t actually have any hit geometry, which means they can’t detect click events. We do that for efficiency, but it’s at the cost of not being able to interact with them. However, we’re looking into ways to do that efficiently, so if we find something that’s acceptable, it shouldn’t be a problem adding in those requests.

Don’t mean to nag. Just wan’t to state I think higlighting is a good idea too.