Request a tutorial about swimming just like the one in Ori and the BF

I 'm not sure if this is the right place to ask for tutorial request so in case its not then pls move it to the right section .


i have searched for the last couple of days about how to make a water volume and character that can swim and act for 2.5 games just like the one on the game Ori and the BF but i got no clue . so is there are any one who have the skill to make such thing with BP and make for us a tutorial about it ? it will be very generous .


If no tutorial or long explanation with detail at least is there are someone who give us a tip on how to make such water ? its like a box volume but how can you add such wave which look physical wave that effect all the surface of the water when the ori jump to the water . is it possible with unreal only with BP coz i never seen any thing like it during my research ?

Any tips from experts ?