Request a DataTable Type.It's useful when we Handle large number of tables

Here is my question.
How to keep a reference of other DataTable in a DataTable?

I dont have the answer but i know a workaround. You can use a custom parent class to manage your data tables. A single instance of this class is all you need to access any of the data tables you want. Data tables can then be referenced with a custom function to access a specific table, like for example:
LevelScript GetLevelScript(){
return levelscriptdatatable;
Rama had posted some stuff on finding a row in the data table which is useful. Anyways the code above is not literal but the idea is to create a function for the data table type you want to receive and the data row you want to access.

Thank you Garner.
Since DataTable can’t be promoted to a various, I can’t manage hundreds of tables by name simply.
I have a c++ file to process table.Engine have a interface to enum all DataTable assets.I don’t know whether I can find a way to get a table row by a group of table name and row name.Maybe it will work.
But for now it is cost too much to do this.I’ll copy dozens of “Get Data Table Row [xx]” node to solve my requirement simply .
I really hope a DataTable type can be pass to some blueprint node.I notice the function UEdGraphSchema_K2::CanPromotePinToVariable prevent promotion from variable,but I have no idea how to solve it simply.I want always keep a clean copy of official source code.

Hopefully you can find a solution and share it with everyone. This is how I manage many different struct types and retrieving data by name.

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