[Request] 3ds max Vector Fields tutorial

Could you guys also add how to create Vector Fields using 3ds max ? Maya might be nice, but to be honest I never got around Fluids in Maya and I avoid using Maya whatever I can.
And more importantly new version os max is using mParticles, which is pretty much same thing as yours (PhysX Dynamic).

See this :slight_smile:



thanks for link. But can’t seem to log in there and can’t see page.

I might do something wrong?


Yes, please open up old UE4 forums and other resources to all UE4 users. There’s no reason to keep them locked out anymore, no?


This is an old Archive post from beta forums, put here for reference, so links may no longer be correct. If you still have questions about this topic, please open a new question on AnswerHub so we can address it there with updated information. Thanks!