[Request] 3D Content Piping & Synchronization

So one thing I notice when working via rocket right now is that it caters to the “same-old same-old” pipeline: you locate an asset from the file browser, you import it into the content browser, adjust texture compression settings, build your material node networks, etc.

But with unreal recognizing assets automatically through FBX, couldn’t one just pipe the content directly from the 3D authoring tool into Rocket and bypass the middleman import/export step altogether?

So for example, what I would do is have both Maya and Rocket open and explicitly connected to one another via some option in the project settings somewhere (or have an auto-detect option in place). And in between the two, I can pass mesh data between them. So if I modify a polygon asset in Rocket, that asset gets piped into Maya. Conversely, if I modify the asset in Maya, it gets updated into Rocket. There would not have to be an explicit import/export step so long as the connection with the 3D authoring tool remains open.

You could have UDK receive stream updates at fixed intervals, or if the computer is powerful enough, check for a constant realtime feed.

Any new assets that don’t already exist in the Rocket map or the content browser are automatically imported into the content browser. Same with UDK, and updating Maya’s scene file with the new information.

Also, this suggestion does not just extend to Maya. The suggestion extends to other 3D authoring tools such as 3Ds Max, Blender, etc.

imho this is a really good idea.

Perhaps the user could nominate a specific folder, and any FBX/OBJ/ASE file beneath this level would be automatically imported and updated, with the file structure intact (to allow the user to organize things).

Hi Markus,

Thank you for your idea. I have created a request report and submitted it into our feedback database. This would be a great way to really speed up altering art assets. If there is anything else that you want to see in Rocket, please let us know.



A complementary thing to this would the ability to import something in Rocket via command line. This way it would be possible via little scripting in Maya/Max to Export and Import it one click. :slight_smile:

Another addition to consider would be an option to import/export layers.
A while ago a guy called Lionel Gallat (SeithCG) made a neat script for the (sry have to name it) CryEngine3 with an option where you can export Layers from Maya into the engine. It has all the coordinates of the meshes stored inside the layer so that you can build/blockout your level in Maya and than bring it straight into the engine.

Here is the link to the mentioned script.

yes, agreed, I suggested something similar here


btw, that’s quite a coincidence, I’m the community manager for Lionel Gallat’s ‘Ghost of a Tale’ at www.ghostofatale.com.