[REQ] Sound Tutorials???

Hey guys!

Im a sound designer in a project that would like to know if there’re any plans of some video sound tutorials? I’m checking the Unreal Editor manual as we speak. But it would be better if I could see things beeing explained live in a video.
I’m totally new in sound designing in Unreal Engine.

Its nice with all the video tutorials about blueprint, materials etc. But Why not make a guy do some videos about only sounds? Level ambient sounds, character sounds connected to animations (how that works), vehicle sounds, weapon fire sounds etc.

Have a nice day you all!


I second this request.

Sound is a fundamental, but there haven’t been any tutorials yet.

I would like to see some tutorials covering basic workflow for ambient and local sounds, configuration, sound cues, and working with sounds with blueprint.

When i get back tonight i will record an easy to follow tutorial on youtube in how to create some simple sound logic, unless somebody does it before hand.

Just a quick update- at Epic we’re going to release a sample level that shows how the audio pipeline works, how to implement it, and how the parts fit together. We also plan on making a video version of it, so you can just watch as well :). So watch for updates, this should be coming soon :).

Big thx guys! :slight_smile:

Still nothing yet regarding sound vids. :frowning:

Here’s some basics on audio:

I’ll keep updating as I learn new things.

Also, Tesla your tutorials have helped a lot. Keep it up!

Apart from the new Blueprint style GUI, i dont think sound in UE4 has any major changes (Please correct me if am wrong). All the SoundCue nodes that was in UDK is available in UE4. So i guess you can follow any UDK sound tutorials for UE4.

But ofcourse Sound Tutorial in UE4 would be nice. :slight_smile:

Hi all- there are some significant improvements in the UE4 audio system, including: a completely revamped mixing system that supports multiple simultaneous mixes as well as context-driven automatic sub-mixes; new reverb preset system; new attenuation models (capsules, cones, cubes); new Group Control system to manage content based on sound instances; and much more :). We hope to have our revised tutorials out soon for you to check out.

That’s wonderful Zak!!! I’m eager to try all kind of stuff out. Ill be doing level ambient sounds, weapon sounds like fire sounds, reload, character movement sounds (clothing and foosteps) etc.
Also want to try out a distant sound system, but not with “premade effects”, but have like for weapon fire sounds:

  1. 1p fire sounds
  2. 3p fire sound
  3. further away sound
  4. very far away sounds
    between different radius.
    Same with explosions.

Wanna learn more so yeah, I hope you guys can make some “easy understanding” sound tutorials soon. :slight_smile:

I can’t wait for these tutorials. Sound will be very important for the game I have in mind. More specifically sound reflection and occlusion. I don’t think those features are available in Unreal yet. I might have to code my own solution i think.