Req: Do not require recompile when duplicating variables

Hi, whenever you duplicate a variable in a blueprint, it requires recompiling before you can add information. For instance, to save time, I will duplicate “Static Mesh” variables because it’s easy to rename the variable after it has been duplicated since the name closely resembles what I want the next variable to be. However, I must hit the “compile” button in order to change the static mesh value, which depending on the complexity of the blueprint and speed of your pc can take multiple seconds. This seems like an unnecessary step. Why does recompilation need to occur in order to change the value? I haven’t changed the variable type and the duplicate variable inherits the value. There shouldn’t be any issue (in my opinion).

If the compilation step could become optional, then I would be able to duplicate, rename, and change the value of many variables and then recompile as a final step. If at any point, I change the variable type, then recompile would be necessary, but I’m not doing that. The time needed to recompile in between the duplication of 10-20 variables can amount to minutes.

Anywho, looking forward to some clarification and whether or not the compile step can be made optional (when modifying the variable value) until the user is ready to perform the compile.


I see that somebody downvoted this post but with no explanation. Would be helpful if someone knowledgeable on this topic could shed some light as to the implications of what I’m asking for.