Repurposing keybinds...

i’ve been wondering if there is a way to overide a keybind in uefn. for example, if i wanted the “build” keybind to be used to trigger something else other than build mode (which isn’t used in this case) is it possible to map something else to that function…?

Currently we only have available what is in the various devices. Player reference device has the most options

Some people tap into things like “crouch” to trigger code but it’s very limited right now.

More info:

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how is it being tracked then? because if “crouch” is an input from the player, wouldn’t “build” also be an input that could also be manipulated with code? i’d really love to be able to make use of the build button especially considering most of these maps have no build functionality.

I think we are limited to Jump, Crouch, Sprint events ATM: fort_character interface