Repurposing a map

I have a personal project of mine i want to make. So im using the landscape map. How can i change the spawn character to the 3rd person one instead of the hang glider? I have both the map and the 3rd person BP already in the project, i just need to get it to start with that

Try changing the default pawn in the project settings (Map/mode). Are you using a player start? If you spawn/possess the pawn in the level BP or so then change that accordingly.

Yeah i have a player start. The default pawn is the 3rd person character already in project settings. And i got rid of all the level BP’s and it still defaults to the hang glider. So it is somewhere else but i cannot find any other BP’s… is there a way i can override it?

Delete the hang glider? You could also use “find references”.

Found some more! And i figured it out. It was in the Hang glider game info thing. I had to change it to the 3rd person character there and it works now. The find references help me find that, thanks!