The game’s storyline tells the story of the painter, who due to circumstances, initially unknown to us, gets into the esoteric gallery, which collected all of his paintings. These paintings are unusual, they are reproductions of paintings by famous painters, but with some third-party elements that are thought of the main character. In this same gallery, he meets a character who explains that to get out of this space is only one way - to take in the paintings and to resolve the conflict, thus changing them from the inside.

Key features:

  1. A unique opportunity to immerse themselves in three-dimensional world of paintings by the greatest artists of the world culture, and also to try the role of the artist and to go the hard way of becoming a Creator.
  2. A large number of quests, from meditative to extreme.
  3. Eight paintings-levels on a variety of topics.
  4. Photorealistic graphics, whose style reflects the technique of a particular artist.
  5. Quality soundtrack, written separately under each location, in order to better convey thoughts and images, the prisoners in the pictures.
  6. Fully voiced characters.

The project has been under development for more than a year on a voluntary basis, but the fall is scheduled to launch campaign on kickstarter’e with the aim to collect funds for the development of the full game. At this stage, the project requires LVL designer that would rebuild some of the levels and structure of finished materials.

Team Structure:
yulich Lisitsa - 3D Artist; 1 year
saygon_ven - game-designer, scenarist; 1,5 years
Roman Pekarskie - modeler; 1 year

Talent Required:

  • Light setup
  • The alignment models
  • Work with the materials

Also willing to accept the help of modelers, including on the basis of the material when it comes to creating characters.

Here’s some arts: