[Repro] Anim State Machine Crashes Editor EVERY time

Hooking up an animation state machine in the way indicated in the video causes a crash every single time you try to edit the State Machine, or even if you try to delete it. I expect that Conduits are not supposed to be used this way, but if that’s the case then I shouldn’t have been allowed to hook it up like this.

My only option now is to completely delete the entire animation blueprint and start again, which is pretty frustrating.

Hi TheJamsh,

I was able to reproduce this by hooking up the conduit, compiling (seeing the warning that you aren’t supposed to hook up a conduit from the entry node), then saving and closing the editor. After that I did what you did in your video and encountered the ensure.

However, when you’re in a non-code project (and I suspect when you’re compiled for development too) this ends up being an ensure/handled error. In debug, you should be able to hit continue on the breakpoint dialogue box and continue (Sorry, not a programmer).

I was able to work around it by breaking the link and compiling the AnimBP before doing anything else. This allowed me to proceed without hitting the ensure.


Is anyone able to elaborate on this answer? It’s the first thing that comes up in a google search, but I’m having a hard time interpreting it. I made a change to my state machine that now causes my project to crash every time I open it, so I’m trying to find a way to suppress the error so I can undo whatever change is causing the crash.

Update: I ended up replacing the animation blueprint with a previous autosaved version.