[Repro] [4.8] Material Graph Doesn't Refresh Inputs Until A New Node SI

The video here should show the problem: - YouTube

Notice how the ‘Add’ Node doesn’t change as I add inputs to it. I have to actually add or delete a node in the graph to force it to re-draw and update the display of it’s name.

Previous to 4.8, the node would refresh as it was hooked up.

Hi TheJamsh -

Thank you for the catch I’ve inputted the bug report and we will begin working on a resolution as soon as possible, for reference UE-15352.

Eric Ketchum

Hi Eric, this seems to have been repaired in 4.8 Preview 3, but there is still an issue with ‘Previewing’.

If you Right click and start ‘Previewing’ on a node, then stop previewing, the previewing text remains on the node until you force a graph refresh (e.g. by creating a node or something).

There might be more breaking changes too… I’ll keep checking!

Hi -

It looks like this issue has been fixed in the most recent version of 4.8 currently in testing. Assuming all goes well, it should be corrected in the next release of 4.8.

Hi Eric, this is an issue again in the 4.8 release. If you right-click and preview a node, then stop previewing that node, it will still say ‘previewing’ underneath and the node will be huge.

This doesn’t go away until you add a new node.

Hi TheJamsh -

I am uncertain why this regressed but it is fixed internal in the 4.9 Branch as well as Master Branch. I will watch it as we move closer to Previewing 4.9 and make sure that it doesn’t regress again.

Thank You for the Report -

Eric Ketchum

Hi guys, this issue still occurs in 4.10 and 4.11.

If you right-click and ‘preview’ a node, it won’t show you it’s previewing until you create a new node. if you stop previewing, you have to create a node to force-refresh the graph again. There still appear to be some edge cases where this happens.

Hello -

I have reproduced this case and entered a new Report as UE-25868.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum