Repository for large files - Questions

Hello :slight_smile:

Last time I was testing Github and also Bitbucket. I’ve created repositories for my UE4 projects. I was testing SourceTree for version control. Everything works how it should I suppose.
I can easily store data for project , for my scripts, blueprints, materials etc. and other files.

But My question is what with these huge files that contains for example Textures, 3D assets, Source files for these models and textures, and actually any big files that can really push my repo to extreme huge amounts of data, hm ? How do you guys deal with this ? You just store them on github, bitbucket ? Or there is any other solution ? Or you just keep them somewhere in some ‘random’ cloud storage ?

Don’t have experience in this matter so thanks for any advice in advance :slight_smile:

Thanks. Cheers!