Report not working??

I send a report via email 2 days ago and i didnt get answer from Epic what happen they said about 24-48 hours not over 2 days please check it and thanks


Where did you submit the report? Was this an AnswerHub ticket or are you referring to a crash and maybe submitted something via the CrashReporter window?

If it was AnswerHub and it was a bug report that you had submitted this gets assigned out during our business week (Monday - Friday) not counting holidays. If so, it will be looked into and responded to when there has been time to investigate.

If it was CrashReporter, these submit your comments along with the crash, but this does not guarantee a direct way to get back to you. This is used internally for crashes that may have happened and if any helpful steps to reproduce the issue are listed we cant attempt to do so and get the crash resolved without an AnswerHub ticket.

If I’m mistaken and you were referring something more specific can you provide more details here?

Thank you!


Report about scammer becauce he is scammer he have long time to login and never answer , if he doesnt like to login and to answer take it off from marketplace this frameworke931069aa9af01d85f80df93d540d4efe0102c2c.png

Ah. Marketplace email.

I’ve forwarded this post on to one of the team to have a better look. Keep in mind that the 24-48 hour turnaround is only applicable during Monday - Friday and excludes holidays. Most of the company was on break until today.

Hopefully this can be looked into and responded to soon.

Thank you for your patience.

Thanks for everything really i feel bad becauce i pay and nothing working like this guy said if you read and another peoples have this problem with this framework 4.9 version unreal engine . Thanks again and Happy New Year…

I still wait the answer what happen … the scammer doesnt fix the bugs on framework??? Nothing … please let me know what going wrong i dont like to pay and to have 10000 errors and framework doesnt work 4.9 please just let me know about this scammer and my 40 euro

Hi there!

Can you please PM me the e-mail address you used to submit this ticket so we can help you with this issue?



I send pictures i sended everything please dont tell me now i need to wait another 48 hours i sended from yesterday