Report Illegal assets

Hey, how do I or where do I report Illegal assets? How do I take action against web sites doing this? Thank you for in advance.

Can you give an example?

You get a lawyer and make them send a cease & desist request to the owner of the website, and also to the webhosting company.

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Is there any sort of legal aid Epic provides for its Users? Which is considered as broken, Epic market place license or copyright infringement? What to do if the webhosting is in another country? I would like to know a little more before I consider hiring a Lawyer for this.

Thanks for your reply.

EPIC does not provide legal aid to customers. That’s what lawyers are for.

If someone stole your assets and are redistributing them without your consent, you need to file a DMCA complaint against the website provider doing the redistribution. You can do this without a lawyers, as long as you actually read up on the DMCA, and the website operator is in the US. If they don’t immediately take action, the DMCA spells out what liability that operator may face, should you choose to file a lawsuit (which, btw, might possibly be done in small claims court if the dollar amount is less than $10k or so.)

Generally, though, the legal system favors claims in the millions of dollars, or sometimes claims in the hundred of thousands and up if the claim is simple. Trying to go after someone for duplicating a $149 content pack, if they don’t just take it down from a complaint, may feel emotionally satisfying, but is not a winning business strategy. The best you can REALLY hope for in that case, is hoping it works as free advertising for your business. Glass half full, and all that…

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