Repnotify question

I’m experiencing some strange behavior with a repnotify variable that I dont really understand.

The variable is a struct, but I’ve had the same issue with other types of variables, so it’s not type related. Anyway, the problem happens when a player has joined the server and hasn’t spawned yet. If another player then changes for example his name, and the player that just joined then spawns, he will not receive a repnotify update. However, once he is spawned every change other players make will produce a repnotify on the now spawned player. What I don’t understand is that when the player joins the server he actually has a controller obviously, and instead of a character he posses a camera pawn. But from that point on he should receive rep notifications from other active characters, no? I don’t really see how possessing a camera pawn is different from a character. And if he then actually posses a character himself, shouldn’t he get the current state of the rep notify variables from other characters anyway? None of this is happening. Which seems very odd. Could someone please explain why this is happening? I’ve been thinking long and hard to figure this one out, but it just doesn’t make sense to me.

Each actor (whether character, controller, or camera pawn) exists both on the server and all clients.

Replication is focused on making sure the authoritative data is propagated to the remote instances.

“But from that point on he should receive rep notifications from other active characters, no?”
This question is misleading - the notifications for each active characters go to their proxies on the client machines.

Yes, I know that pawns and such exist on the server and all clients, which is basically what replication is all about. But that is exactly what makes this issue confusing to me. Because if a character is set to replicate, and specifically a variable within said actor that is set to repnotify. Then why is the other controller not receiving the updates from said variable untill the controller posesses a character himself?

EDIT: Omg, never mind. I made a stupid error. Something so rediculous I actually feel ashamed. lol

The variable WAS in fact properly replicating, however the reason I did not see the updates is because I was overwritting them with an old function I forgot to remove. Wow, excuse me for being an idiot. :stuck_out_tongue: