repnotify inventory host UIslots update to fast

The inventory holding items, wich is controlled by the server is a repnotify array.
My idea was that whenever the player loots an item, the server does the looting. And adds the item to the players inventory, wich causes the variable to change. Wich fires the onrep function, this function then updates the players inventoryslots to display the new images.

When I loot as the host, the images do not change. And if I filter the items with my textfield typing in the item name, it highlights the right slots.

Why does this happen? It feels like even if the first time I loot doesnt display the new image, second time I loot the previous image should been set long time ago so now atleast the first item should show up. But no :frowning:

Fixed this by adding a set/w notify after the loop was completed, basically set the array to itself. It is still strange to me so would be nice to hear an explanation :smiley: