Reply From Marketplace Mail

Hey everyone.

Sorry for my inexperience.

I had submitted an entry to marketplace. I recieved an e-mail noticing me of refusal and the reasons for it. But I couldn’t actually understand the reasons so I decided to ask and “replied” the mail I recieved.

Then I thought that that may not be a personal mail adress maybe a generated one. So should I wait for a reply or should I mail somewhere else ?


Hey TAN_! The marketplace email thread isn’t a generated or temporary email address as far as I’m aware. If you sent a reply through it, you should hear back within the 24-48 hour period. =)

Oh thank SE_JonF. I’ll wait for the reply then. I’ll write updates here abut the situation too.


So a reply mail arrived today. Although it completely misses the question I asked and simply read as “Please check the forums” at least I still got an answer.

Well thanks anyway I guess :slight_smile: