Reply doesn't properly work?

Greetings. I’m having an issue Replying to someone’s post. If I hit “Reply” under post - I can see the Name and Icon of a Person I’m replying to on top of my Edit box. But once posted - it does not show up as a reply.


This is how my edit box Looks during Reply:

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This is a reply to a Post (not thread)

This is a reply to a Reply.

How’s this reply? edit - does not look right :expressionless:

This is how it looks when I’m writing a reply:

Wish I knew how it’s supposed to work, you also sometimes see this:

Oftentimes you do not. Are these the thread replies? I really should’ve RTFM.

Shall the mighty @VictorLerp and @Amanda.Schade answer the riddle?

This is a reply to @S-ed.

Thanks for the report, forwarding this to our engineers to take a look.

This is a reply to @VictorLerp, definitely not working.

@VictorLerp Thank you, sir.

It does work!!

I’ve seen this in other threads before as well, also in this thread:

But some replies do work, like this one:

EDIT: I see now that my reply worked, so perhaps the issue is fixed?

Discourse came to the rescue and pointed out that it’s “by design” as we have the following settings enabled:

  • suppress reply directly below - Don’t show the expandable reply count on a post when there is only a single reply directly below this post.
  • suppress reply directly above - Don’t show the expandable in-reply-to on a post when there is only a single reply directly above this post.
  • suppress reply when quoting - Don’t show the expandable in-reply-to on a post when post quotes reply.

Perhaps having the “expandable reply count” visible at all times even when right above, or below, a single reply consistently is a better user experience?

Let us know what you think, thanks!

It’s just My personal opinion, but I’d like to see both the reply arrow and the counter even if it’s just one reply.
Cause it can be a reply to a post above, or it can be a reply to the thread, and they both will have no indication.
This one is looking more readable to me:

6 months on and no idea what the inset replies feature is supposed to achieve tbh. Why? Replies get repeated further down the thread anyway. So why not just wait for the actual replies to appear? :thinking: What if posters haven’t quoted relevant sections? No big loss, just skim posts. The annoying part is Discourse automation removing quoted posts. That just slows reading… Conclusion: Quoting makes threads easier to follow than inset replies! :wink:

Well design or not, I just saw two instances in a thread I just replied to, not show any visual evidence that the reply button on a message was used. If it’s not buggy, it’s crap UX!

EDIT: Of course, it worked on this reply, so I don’t know what’s going on. :expressionless: