reply button missing

has any one else lost the “reply” button on posts, all I have is “reply with quote”.

I have the replay button, what you are using device, iam currently using Tablet Lenovo

I still have it, but somehow in my case it jumps right into the advanced post view :frowning:

I am using my laptop.

something weird is going on, I still have the big “reply to thread” button but the “reply” button that was on the bottom of each post is gone, also like you when I click on the “reply to thread” button it goes straight to the advanced view, does the same if I click the “reply with quote” button as well

Yeah my Reply button disappeared yesterday in the afternoon (around 4pm Pacific Std Time), and forces me to go into advanced mode as well… for those who still have the reply button, this image is what I now see (everything’s the same except for the reply button).

I’ve moved the thread to Feedback section. Hopefully Epic will fix it by tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Hey all - who all is affected by this?

@fighter - it’s done that to me on occasion, but not every time. Is this consistent behavior?

It has been like this for me since yesterday afternoon 4pm PST, tried 2 different browsers (chrome & IE) without any difference.

Since this morning it always jumps into the advanced post view -> same happens in every browser and also on my laptop :slight_smile:

same for me

I’m affected, and I’m using dark theme just like in the image above.

I’ve identified the issue, working on getting it resolved ASAP

Thanks for the heads up!

good, I don’t like jumping to advanced mode.

Is this fixed for everyone?

Yep, know I can see it. Thx! :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s back. :slight_smile:

Yes thank you! Plus now it also adds a reply box automatically to the bottom of each thread as well, which is handy. :slight_smile:

Awesome. Good stuff

buttons back and no more jumping to advanced mode, thanks chance:)