Hey guys,

I am trying to get some blueprints to work server-side, as purely client-side mods can be a bit bland.

As an example of how replication works, I would like to know how exactly one would hook up an “Execute Console Command” function to “Input ActionFire” through blueprints.


Currently, if the player in question is not admin, then the command will not execute as it is not being processed on the server. How would we make the server replicate the command?

Thanks in advance!

Hey, as you noticed input actions are only fired client side.
What you need is a custom event that is set to “run on server” to execute your console command (but im not sure if you need to run the console command node on server side at all). You then call this event from the input action and it gets fired on the server side.

You also want to connect the execution pins of the “get owner controller” node.

Thanks for your fast reply! Is there any chance you could post the BPs of an example?

For a weapon bp this should do:

Edit: Added a few comments and will upload the blueprint github(as soon as it is back up) here:

Thanks very much, Mezzow! Working perfectly :smiley: