Replication works on client, not on server

Hey there!

I have a rather annoying issue. We’re changing a variable on all players(multicast) and spawning in an fx(also multicast). Now this gets triggered through UMG, you press a button and then you cast to your characterBP and it runs on server and lets it run on all clients. Which works perfectly!

Now the issue is, if we do this on a client, the client presses the button on UMG then it happens on all clients and server, the variable change and the fx spawn. If the server does this, the fx spawns on all clients but the variable doesn’t change, not even on the server. Why would that ever be? if it spawns the fx it should also change the variable.

Now the way we’re retrieving the variable is through level bluerint, level blueprints gets all actors of class(characterbp), and based on the variable do X.

Can someone tell me what i’m doing wrong? I can’t find the logic as to why it’s failing. Except that we’re retrieving the variables wrong in the level blueprint but i don’t see another way of doing it.

Here are the images:
In the Character BP:

In the Level BP:

Anyone that knows why?

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