Replication seems to not be working?


I am trying to read/write to a variable in my gamestate with the client. Client-1 is able to do this, but any other cannot. The write event is initialized in UMG. How does this work?

My setup:
Running PIE
1 dedicated server
3 clients, one in viewport, 2 seperate process (These two cannot read/write)

Everything is set te replicated, but it still breaks.

Clients can only make RunOnServer Remote Procedure Calls (RPC’s) on Actors that they own like their PlayerController or Pawn. Nobody owns the GameState so it belongs to the Server.

If the Server needs to read a variable from the Client it has to be sent from the PlayerController or another Actor the Client Owns. Then the server can Set the replicated variable and the other Clients can read it later.


Thanks for the reply. This indeed resloved my issue, thanks!