Replication problem

Hello! I have a problem with Replication physical animation, this replication only works on server and owner client.

The problem is that you call these events in the PlayerController Blueprint, right? PlayerController only exists at (maximum) TWO places. 1st, the owning client, 2nd the server. If they are the same, that makes it only 1 place. So when you call a Multicast event, it will only run where the given blueprint exists.
What you need to do is make the PlayerController Blueprint call another blueprint’s event. I’d say the Character’s blueprint, since it’s connected to physics. Or you can call a PlayerState event, since it could be there too. Both of these exist at every client and the server, so if you make only THAT event Multicast then it should be enough.

Btw a “Run on Server” event after a Multicast is overkill here. Multicast runs on server too.