Replication on UObject

UObjects by default do not support replication.

Would it be possible, to get special UObject class that support replication ? Something like UObjectReplicated/Networked.

Actors support replication, but lots of time, they are really overkill.
In my case I don’t want to place object on level, I don’t even need it displayed, all I would want to do is make some operations and replicate results over network.

I can think of several use cases right now in my project. Like Effects (especially those, which have duration either finite or infinite), or weapons.

Weapons are interesting case, because while they do have visible mesh, it is only cosmetic, and weapon on it’s own doesn’t need to exist in world as physical object which can have interactions.

I currently use Actor for it, but most of the actor functionality is not used in that cases.

In that case Actor is just to much.

Theres nothing wrong with using actors for that, note that lot of default classes use actor like AGameMode like APlayerController, inventory systems in past UEs been extended from actor, thats how it was done since first Unreal (class structure didnt changed much since then). Keep in mind theres only one copy of function in machine code, when you extend the class and not override any funtion your class wont have any funtions in machine code, so its not a waste, only varable data is used but it not that big compired to other things, so you dont need to worry