Replication of Maps and Sets

At the moment, maps can’t be replicated, which is a pretty big limitation to anyone making a multiplayer game using blueprints. I’m using them to manage a large grid with XYZ coordinates, and I’ve tried looking around for some workarounds, but it seems pretty much a no-go.

I’m hoping that the ETA on the ability to replicate maps isn’t too far off, but in the meantime, does anyone have any advice on how to navigate this problem? I’ve tried to use arrays, which then convert an index into an XYZ coordinate depending on dimensions, but that extra step really slows things down pretty majorly.

Is there an ETA on the replication of maps and sets? If not, are there any potential workarounds to store a map across clients?

There is no current ETA, but it’s a highly requested feature.

As a side-note - accessing a 1D array as if it is 3D will always be way faster than using a Map and doing look-ups. It’s also super-easy to write accessors functions once you decide what order you want things to be in.

Some helpful algorithms: 3D Array as 1D array? - C++ Forum