Replication of location of attached actors

So there’s not a lot of documentation of how exactly replication is working behind the scenes on a lot of things and I was wondering if anyone knew how this worked. When you attach a replicating actor to another replicating actor does the child actor keep replicating location or is the replication system smart enough to just send that the child is attached at relative location and only replicate the parent most actor?


PLAYER and ITEM are both replicating actors. PLAYER picks up ITEM and ITEM attaches to PLAYER. Does the server replicate ITEM’s location still as PLAYER moves?

looking at the shooter example, if the object is made a child of the actor as a replicated component then it should replicate the movement of it without any problems, once it becomes a child its translations are always affected by the parent.

you shouldn’t need to set it to replicate movement so long as you’ve initiated it properly.

Thanks, figured this out a while ago – forgot to remove it.