Replication of Launch Character

Hello ! I have a new problem on blueprint. I’ve maked walljump some month before, it works well on single player, but not multiplayer. I’m thinking it’s about the “Launch Character” didn’t replicate on server.
There is the large screen of the blueprint

And this is the part of the problem, at the end right (launch character) I’ve set after a sound that prevent jump, it works, but not the jump.

The jump with my work only work on server side. It work on client with “Jump”, but I don’t want to use it because I’ve made my jump + wall jump without the function.
Thanks !

Bump, now in 4.3, it also doesn’t work, I’ve tested custom event, but replication is very hard to know… I can’t read videos, It’s hard to me, is there a documentation about blueprint replication in text format ?

What an idiot am I ! :smiley:

For anyone not seeing the video, the answer is to just use a reference to the character you are launching and call the launch character function on the server.

The youtube video is not available, can you explain how you fixed it? Thanks.