Replication Lag

I have a problem with client. When i press a key I rotate my character to mouse location and then i spawn an actor that has ( Projectile movement) with particle system(trail). And it moves to mouse location.
Here is the blueprint picture:

But here is the problem.It works fine at the server.
But at the client. First it spawns projectile and then it rotates my character. But blueprint order is not like that.
But if i add delay between these nodes.It solves the problem.But i don’t want to add delay. Why do i have to add it ?

And also have another problem. It spawns the projectile, but after 0.1-0.2 seconds later trail shows up.This happens when i enter with 2 players in editor at the server side and this time it appears fine exact time at client side.But when i enter with 1 players Server side its fine.
Why is this happening ? Is it about ue4 editor ?
How can i solve this please i need help …

Thank you very much :slight_smile: