Replication in VR

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to create a multiplayer VR game and I did succeed on placing two or more player ins the same level and even see each others movements. Yet I can’t make all players see any interactions, like opening a door or grabbing a cube or even hand animations despite having checked replication on everything possible.
I know it’s not a simple question but it’s been really hard to understand how it works since same settings works just fine on third person.



Have you followed something like BRY’s tutorial series on Unreal Multiplayer? Because there are multiple aspects to it, and it can be helpful to have visual explanations of those.

Also worth noting that VR adds some further complication, in that networking might introduce too much latency, to the let the server be control of things like the player camera, and motion controllers, so you probably need to make it work slightly differently from the standard multiplayer, in such a away that players are authoritative about their own motion tracker data.

There are some frameworks that solve one particular version of this for VR, but before you go for one of those, it might be best to see what your specific use case needs.


Hey, thanks for replying. I did watch Bry’s tutorials and it was pretty clarifying.
For what I need it’s fine run on LAN, it’s just archviz stuff where I open and close doors.