Replication collision/physics in multiplayer


I’m trying to understand how the replication and multiplayer works.
I’m making a simple game, with 2 players that have an standard capsule component wich have another sphere on his foot to collide when the player kicks. There is an screenshot of the setup:


The thing is that the collision with the sphere (foot) is not replicating properly, when the capsule collides with the boxes on the map is working and replicating properly, but when the foot hits the boxes, this is what happens:

When I check the option “replicates” the physics works with my kick, but when I move with the player (capsule component) the boxes appears again in front of me. With the “replicates” unchecked, I can hit the boxes in the same way, but when I move, my capsule component collides with “something invisible” (I thought that are the boxes, but when I pause the game and show the collisions, they are on the boxes) and I rlly don’t understand what is happening, can someone explain me about this?

I just want my footcollider act like the capsule component

Thx for reading :slight_smile: