Replication between two dedicated server

In our game, we need one lobby game server and some map server. So we need to replicate data between each two dedicated server. I have tried to create a custom net driver with a different name, to make one to be host listen and another one to be remote connection. I spawn actors with the custom net driver to replicate data. It’s works very well. What do you think about it?

Next, I want to run different game in one dedicated server. It maybe a good choice to share the art resource, and we just care about different game logic data. I tried to do the stuff with game session (it seems used to be a society online system). Is there any better solution about that?

Awesome!!! I’m trying to do the same thing. I can do it just like what have you done. I think the game session is not a good choice. Maybe you can share some code with me :slight_smile: