Replication animation problem!

my animation on client to server works properly but my server to client and also client to client it doesn’t work i have a picture here about my problem i really need your help guys thanks…3ab244bf21ba3d869d003ee9cbf094f2b9b8bbb2.jpegBP1.jpgBP2.jpg

Isn’t this handled in the character blue print (movement) where you set rotation is replicated?

Animation blueprint is not replicated.

Are you trying to use root motion? The movement component does not replicate root motion and you will have to replicate the trigger keys instead.

You are using GetControlRotation but GetControlRotation is not replicated. The server knows the rotation but does not forward it to the clients. You could get the Pitch from GetBaseAimRotation (return value differs a bit) but Yaw would still be missing. The only way I know to work around this is by spamming the rotation into a replicated variable (EventTick or based on some input event). CharacterBP → CustomEvent (“RunOnServer”) → GetControlRotation → SomeVariable (Replication: Replicated) …and use that one in the AnimBP afterwards (Cast from CharacterBP) instead the GetControlRoation.