Replicating widget input to other clients

Not much progress on this, is there really no way to pass a variable onto the server for all clients?


for context: I’m making spawnpoints that the player can change the name of via a 3d widget and have that name appear for all clients.

I’m trying to get the text clients type into an editable text widget to replicate for everyone. So far only the server replicates properly from itself but does not receive anything from other clients.

I binded my text input and replicated the variable

Here is in my 3d widget. The player hits the button, types in what they want, then commits it. The Parent Spawn Actor variable is set to the owning actor of which this widget is a child component.

here is the widget on my owning actor as “screen”

in my owning actor here is the custom event that was fired via the child widget with the parent actor variable.

in the server set spawn name event it basically goes from that to a function I made. I do this because i also handle spawn activation and de-activation by filtering through tags of all these spawn actors.

Heres inside the function. Basically clearing 2 array variables and re-adding the names including the spawn name that was set in the widget. I tried replicating the 2 arrays as well.

I do this because when I run an update event it checks if the spawn is active or in-active then chooses out of the 2 arrays depending on which it is.
Not important towards my problem, only for context.