Replicating studio lighting for product presentations

Hey all

I just wanted to share my progress on a tiny project of my own. I work as a 3D Artist at Widex hearing aids in Denmark, and usually handle all product related rendering. I recently jumped on the UE4 train, as Unity wasn’t really satisfying my needs for proper rendering.

I’ve been tinkering with UE4 for a few weeks now, just getting the hang of things. Now I’m finally ready to share my progress so far. It’s not much, but it shows one of our newer models just spinning. Most of the work was put into recreating the feel of a typical demo studio light, and trying to replicate some of my usual material assets (I come from Maxwell/Max). This particular scene is a mix of traditional hot/cold light, with a port of one of my HDRI’s blended in through the env cubemap.

The model is of our newer Widex Fashion BTE hearing aid, sporting our classic Winter Silver / Jet Black color combo.

There’s also a few details missing, like a logo on the volume rocker, and the clear plastic hook is a little funky. But perfect refraction is not what I expect from a games engine, yet. Would be nice if we could blur the refraction seperate from the general roughness though…

And I know the bloom might be a bit excessive, but I got a case of shiny-itis when I fiddled with the post settings. Shiineeyy…

Heres one with our Mediterranean Turquoise / White combo:

Shocking Pink / White

This is really cool eilsoe. I really like it. Keep up the great work!

Looks awesome eilsoe! Keep up the great work and hope to see what else you work on for future projects.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m striving for a completely interactive feature presentation, so there’s still a long way to go. My immediate issue is getting it to transition from one color combo to the next. For that I’d need to either pack every material property into a data array, or find some way to elegantly transition from one complete material to the next. I’m not that adept at the engine yet, so every feature I want is a learning path of it’s own. Still tons of fun though :slight_smile:

It looks fantanstic Eilsoe! I am currently doing the same thing, trying to replicate a studio environment. Is it possible that you share with us how you set up the lighting and the background? Thank you.

can you tell more about your “glass” material?
it’s really hard to achieve “good looking” glass ( at least for me )

Architectural visualizations, product rendering, cinematic movies, video games,Educational, Virtual reality… I see UE4 as a game changer for many industries. Keep up the good work Eilso.