Replicating Player camera FOV in cinematic camera

Hi, I Just created a Created a cutscene using sequencer But unlike Matine the camera options are different to in game cameras. My Cutscene ends with the camera returning to the same world position as my in game first person camera. I would like to also set the FOV of the cinematic camera at the end of the sequence to that of the first person in game camera and any other settings that would differ but the camera parameters are scaled differently and I can’t seem to get it exactly right.

The effect I am going for is to have the transition between the cinematic and game play be seamless. I.E have the cinematic camera set up mirror that of the player camera on the last frame of the cinematic.

My player camera is set up as the default First person camera and is set to 90 FOV.

how would i replicate this in a cinematic camera?


I found a work around for anyone who has this problem in the future.

Spawn a regular camera in the level
Add that actor to the sequencer track
Use that camera in the cuts track
set up your camera settings
Destroy camera actor once you are done with it. For me this was on player pawn possessed.

I would prefer to use a spawned cinematic camera but this way even though it is a bit long winded works for me.
Hope that helps.