Replicating my modification to the ads aligner from the market place

Hello I am trying to get my yaw and pitch to replicate properly, I would like for it to run first on the client and then send that data to the server to other clients however even with it set to run on owning client there seems to be a delay / lag that is not present in standalone as the expected behavior is that it would remain in the center of the cross hairs I am also using the ads aligner from the marketplace and it uses IK. I also would like the other things like the rotation mechanics and walking mechanics that I have modified to act as they do in standalone.
Below is my attempt at replicating the pitch and yaw this created a delay however and is no good.

This has me perplexed as considering even without sending the yaw to the server the run on owning client should allow it to not have the lag as shown below and keep it perfectly centered.

below is a pic of the rotation mechanics that I have implemented that work fine in single player but not multiplayer the game will be on a dedicated server. 3.png