Replicating Mouse Rotation on Client


I’ll start by saying, I searched thoroughly for a solution to this problem, however I couldn’t find a solution.
Server and clients updates servers rotation with mouse with no problem. However Clients can’t rotate with their mouse position, I am missing something…

My setup attached.
Here is a summary:
(1) Just a plain convert mouse location to world space, returning its ‘World Location’
(2)&&(3) A Picture is attached.

Thank you

Partial success!

When only clients play (dedicated server) everything is running smoothly, rotations & movements.
However when not in dedicated server, there is mismatch between rotations/movements, everyone sees the other facing the wrong way.

I noticed it happens only when Server is updating his movements, if I unlink Servers capability to update his own movements it is all smooth again.
Any ideas?


Hey Baf, where you able to get this working?

I’m trying to do the same thing you are - i’m grabbing the mouse coordinates under the cursor and i’m trying to update the rotation of my character with them. It works fine locally, but when i try to replicate it to other clients it doesn’t work.

I’ve been able to get it to replicate to the server, but the server doesn’t seem to want to replicate the movement to the clients. However, when i’m trying to update the rotation without using Velocity instead of mouse coordinates, everything works just fine.

I’m stuck here.

I managed to fix it some time ago, I forgot to mark as solved :slight_smile:

Yes I did, is it still relevant to you?

Hey there, Is there any chance you can tell us what you did to fix this as it would be very helpful. Thank you.

You did it?

Sorry for my English.
But here’s how I solved this problem.
In the first 2 pictures, this is a replication of the character’s rotation to the Mouse.
On the other two, this is replication of the Mouse location from the client to the server