Replicating efficiently using NetQuantize(few simple questions)

Hello… I came across few structures extended from FVector for giving efficiently while replication. I want to know if I got their meanings correctly.

FVector_NetQuantize100 = Accurate upto 2 decimal values.

FVector_NetQuantize = Doesn’t have any decimal places.

FVector_NetQuantizeNormal = can store only value from -1 to 1.

Is there anything similar for float variables?

You could use a struct with two bytes, manually pack/unpack (dividing by 2^15) and you have the equivalent of one component of FVector_NetQuantizeNormal

FVector_NetQuantizeNormal can be used for more than just -1 to 1 if you multiply by a scalar (I just wrote a motion controller replication thing using it multiplied by 1000 to get a range from -10m to 10m with sub millimeter accuracy).