Replicating actor being destroyed for listening server and client?

Hi. I’ve gotten a lot of help by the community already and I was just curious about replications. I’ve created a destroy actor from server (custom event) and destroy actor multicast (custom event). Now I’m running into this problem where for the server the actor gets destroyed, but for the client it doesn’t. I was able to play sounds, and spawn in actors with multicast, but I cannot destroy one. And also I have created an inventory system and I can pick up actors (children from master item) and when I destroy an rock it drops “destroyed rubble” as an item. With listening server I can pick up the rubble (item) and with client as well, but for the client the item does not dissapear for some reason meaning that the actor does not get destroyed. And the error baisicly says that the client cannot destroy the object that he has picked up on the ground because of the inventory system component where I have the destroy actor (run on server)(custom event) made for the whole inventory system. If you need any more information I will happily tell you more. Ty:)