Replicated variable passing

I’ve been trying to do some nertworking stuff in blueprints and I have encountered a pretty hard problem for me. I’ve been trying to replicate some standard values (HP, Ammo etc.). It seems to work, but only partially. I tried standard replication with picking out certain values in HUD blueprint, from character variable; or RepNotify with calling certain functions from my HUD blueprint. Both of them failed. As you can see on attached image, replication works, but only if I try to get those values in same blueprint file (overhead values). If I try to reach them from my HUD class (tried both - UMG and classical HUD), it shows values of ‘0’. I haven’t tried custom events yet in this case, but I’m not sure if I want to. I’ve heard that that way I can eat a lot of bandwidth in longer.
Can you help me find any solution in this case? Thank you in advance.