Replicated Event doesn't edit variables on clientside

In my project, the character can “Dash” if there is enough charge (int). While everything works perfectly solo/serverside, I’ve run into a frustrating issue on the clientside.
When the dash event is executed for the clientside player, I can’t:

A: perform a branch check to see if the charge level meets the requirement for the dash, even though the charge level is printed to the screen on the client and clearly tells me it is sufficient, and is checked against a literal Int.

B: Reset the charge level to zero. The variable is set to RepNotify, but the set node doesn’t execute, and will be skipped.

C: Set the variable “Damage” to be equal to the charge level, it is skipped

Now, when I bypass the branch and go directly to launching the character, THAT replicates, and the character will launch on both server and client, but anything requiring checking or editing variables simply does not work. Any help would be immensely appreciated.