Replicate physics car movement from client to server to other clients

Basically, I have a line trace car that I want to replicate. So far the replication works, but my main issue is that driving from client is very jittery and choppy. I know the source of the problem, it’s due to the fact that the physics go from client to server and back to the client. What I’d like to do is having the physics ran from the client, sent to the server and then sent to every other client EXCEPT the driving one. How would that be achieved? Or is there any other way to fix that?

EDIT: I’m pretty sure the default character movement replication does something similar, so I would doubt this is not achievable

Of Course there is a way. You need to uncheck the “Replicate Physics to Autonomous Proxy” on your simulate mesh. For vehicle, it is the skeleton mesh component on the root. Hope it helps

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worked for me. thanks