Replicate Blend/Blend Pose by bool


I’m trying to make a multiplayer 3D sidescroller prototype. And currently working on getting Aim Offset to work over network.

The issue I’m having is that I want the character to run normally, and then, when I’m hitting the aim button. I want it to blend in the aim animation.

So, this one kinda works. But makes the character have an aim pose at all time. And not what I need:

Then I try this, this makes the client see the servers aim offset, but the server does not see the client aim offset. This happens with all of the blend options.

Is this a bug, or is there some setting I need to set before I can replicate the blend version?

Don’t use replicated variables on Animation Blueprints because I don’t think they replicate at all. Instead use the replicated variable in your character blueprint and then just pass that value to the animation blueprint.

I have tested both with and without replicated variables and the same result appears. The client can see the servers aim offset, but the server does not see the clients aim offset.

I didn’t say without replicated variables I said replicated variables only in the character blueprint

Because replication happens only from server to clients. You need to call a server function and tell to calculate the pitch. This way both server are aware of the replicated value, and it is replicated to clients.

Here’s my setup (it’s for 3rd person but idea is the same)

Character blueprint - CallUpdateAimAngle happens on Tick (for you it should only start when in combat)

Player Controller (Player controller is bound with Owning player which server needs to recognize the RPC)

Animation Blueprint - Has the same variable (your setup is alright), receives the value from character blueprint

hope this helps, comment if something isn’t clear. Cheers.

Thank you very much Holybreath.
I will have a look at it when I got the time for it. With Christmas holidays coming up and all. There is little time for game dev.

don’t forget to mark as answer, for future generations :stuck_out_tongue: Merry, X-mas, mate.